We currently offer two kinds of workshop

Irish Dance Workshops

Our Dance Workshops vary in length depending on student numbers and needs. They are used to address common dancers’ issues or to prepare for major competitions. They can also be incorporated into a Summer Intensive Dance Workshop.

Dance Studio Workshops

Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the dance studio and the studio directors’ goals for the students.  This may be to work on dancers’ alignment, posture, turn out, height, explosive power, co-ordination, core mechanics, or injury rehabilitation.  We have a face-to-face or phone appointment with the Dance Director to discuss the goals and outcomes for the workshop. Then we tailor our carefully designed plans to meet these needs. These plans have been developed and streamlined over the past 14 years to suit the Dance Studio and dancers’ needs.

Private Dance Workshops

We offer “privates” – which have grown in popularity over the years.   This is where the dancer gets 1-2-1 time with Aine Crossan. The workshop will look specifically at this dancer, to correct any alignment, weakness and biomechanical issues.  We also offer a video service so that these sessions can be kept for reference and development.

 The Benefits of our Dance Workshops

Our dance workshop participants can develop a better understanding of what may be holding them back physically and mentally. This will improve their competitive performance.  Dancers present as being more confident after the workshops. Many dancers specifically say they have better belief in themselves as a result. They gain confidence once issues that were holding them back either physically or mentally have been corrected.

Dance Workshops include a gift at the end of the workshop!

Workplace Workshops

These workshops are open to all employees who work in industries where repetitive strain could be an issue.  Previous workshops have included computer companies, schools (for teachers), hospitals, civil servants, athletes, and performers.

We talk to the company or organisation about their achievable aims, goals and needs. Then we tailor our workshop to suit the specific workplace environment.  The workshops are practical in nature. Employees will be invited to participate actively or to observe and take notes.  Issues we cover include:

  • correct posture within the workplace,
  • physical and stress triggers,
  • the importance of diet and lifestyle for a productive and content workforce,
  • desk or work environment ergonomics,
  • exercises within the workplace to promote strength and decrease postural fatigue within the workplace

Our goal is for every participant to have better understanding of how their body works and how they can strengthen it. This isn’t just about better alignment and posture within the workplace, but in their everyday lives.  Participants are taught a series of exercises that they can perform within the workplace environment. These exercises aim to charge the body’s structure and to prevent fatigue from repetitive strain.   The workshops are fun and lively and include team building exercises to improve morale within the workplace.  We also facilitate a relaxation programme and teach breathing and meditation to calm and control the mind. This can turn a stressful day into a calm day through – just by using these techniques.


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