Our aim is to provide a comprehensive fully integrative service for managing acute and chronic pain

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Our aim is to provide a comprehensive fully integrative service for managing acute and chronic pain

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One-to-one advice to create goals and plans for managing your acute or chronic pain.

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Pain Management Programmes

Step-by-step programmes which integrate with your goals and needs.

Aine Crossan, Pain Management Specialist
Aine Crossan, Pain Management Specialist

Aine Crossan has been working in the area of Pain Rehabilitation and Management for 18 years. After training as a Neuromuscular Therapist, she went on to open her own clinic in Dublin, Ireland in 2005.

She quickly realised that people needed support with their rehabilitation post-injury, and in the area of chronic pain. So, she opened a Rehabilitative and Pilates studio where she developed an integrative approach to pain management.

She developed holistic pain management plans for clients, and supported them on their recovery and rehabilitation journey.


There are currently 2 packages available. Both will require filling out a simple medical history form.



1-2-1 consultation

  • Session 1 – Medical history.
  • Online assessment etc.
  • Next Steps.




The Pain Management Programme

  • One 45-minute Consultation
  • Six half hour 1-2-1 sessions, including Pain Management Map.
  • Rebook this package to get a personalised toolkit.


Our Pain Management Map

This map gives an outline of where you currently are in your pain process. It displays your own goals, and our goals for you. It details how much support you may need, and includes the next steps to take, including re-evaluation and mid-process goals.

 When you are in pain you need to give over that control at certain stages, to get the help you need.  But this must be on the basis of a clearly agreed pain management plan which meets your goals.

 It is particularly important that you are then able to take back control of your wellness.   We give you the tools to do this so that you can take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

The map is carefully designed based all of the underlying factors and may include the following supports:



Physical Therapy




Orthopaedic Supports










Work/Family Environment






Meditation & Relaxation

Causes of Pain

Pain can be due to many different issues including the following:


You may have inherited a genetic issue from your parents. For example, lordosis, an outward curvature of the spine, can cause pain and affect the abillity to move.  Inward curvature of the spine can occur with kyphosis or scoliosis. These conditions can can cause back pain, muscle fatigue, and stiffness.

Other issues may also include bulging discs, pinched nerves, slipped discs, muscle weakness and spasms.


Physical Trauma

Any physical trauma can trigger a pain response. It could be a car crash, a slip, trip or fall, or poor ergonomics in your workplace. You may have repetitive strain injury (RSI) from a computer, or a factory line. RSI can be caused by any type of work that is repetitive in one plane of motion, or focusing on particular muscle groups.

You may be straining these muscles over and over again, without rest. The trauma could also be caused by competitive sport, or foot issues such as flat feet or high arches.


Emotional Trauma

Stress can trigger underlying physical issues like a bulging disc or a neck issue. Stress and emotional trauma floods the muscle with adrenaline and cortisol and can send muscles into spastic shock. The muscle can then tighten causing pain. This muscle may also tighten and press down on a nerve causing a pinched nerve issue. This occurs most commonly in the neck at C5,C6 or in lower back at L4, L5. These pinched nerves can radiate pain through the arms, the legs, up into the head and down into the toes. It is a physical issue, but triggered by an emotional state

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Client Journeys

I first attended Aine in Dublin, when I was pregnant with my first child. That relationship continued pre and post surgery for both myself and my husband when we both had to have knee surgery at the same time. Her methods are not always easy but the results are worth it. We both completed her rehabilitation roadmaps and we both made a full recovery. We also had a lot of laughs along the way!

Nicola McCutcheon
Co. Sligo

I’m with Aine Crossan now for 3 months and Aine was the first one I felt understood the full picture and could address a complex situation. Aine brings a depth of experience and broadness of approach beyond what a physiotherapist normally does (including diet/ supplements, sleep, lighting, orthotics to name a few). The sessions are done through Zoom (due to Lockdown) and are seamless and effortless. All this with great energy and positivity which can be a great boost at times. Any questions or concerns that arose were addressed fully and with a great attention to detail, prompt response and level of care. Thanks so much Aine!

Mark Tighe

I came to Aine in 2015 with my son who had Osgood Schlatters disease in his knee. He is a Champion Irish Dancer and was in a lot of pain. She gave us a toolkit for his rehabilitation and we created a roadmap for his recovery and comeback. She was with us every step of the way. Under her care he recovered and won 2nd in the World Irish Dancing Championships 2016 . My Mother, my daughter, my husband and myself have also attended Aine and she has made a unique difference in all our lives.

Mary McGranaghan
Co. Donegal


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