Client Stories


Maria’s Injury Story

Maria has injured herself while training.  She is an Irish dancer and is in the top 25 in the world on the competitive stage.  Maria’s goal is to get onto the podium again and place in the top 3 in the world.

Maria is presenting with severe pain in her left knee.  She is having difficulty weight bearing.  Her coach wants her to continue training.  She has been to a physio who did some work on the knee, strapped it up and advised rest.  Since the initial pain in the knee, she is now getting pain in her hip flexor and lower back.  She cries at night.

Here’s how we helped Maria:

  1. We took a medical history. From this we decided to refer her straight away for an MRI test.
  2. An MRI test of the knee showed Osgood schlatter’s disease and medical meniscus tear.
  3. We referred her on to an orthopaedic surgeon. He lasered the knee and repaired the meniscus tear.
  4. We sent letters to her doctor and coach, outlining next steps and support needed for her.
  5. Maria rested and rehabilitated for a year.
  6. Full functionality restored and Maria came back and placed 3rd in the World in her age category.

Patrick’s Chronic Pain Story

Patrick has had chronic Pain on and off for the past 20 years. He presented with acute pain from a bulging disk that was diagnosed 20 years previously.  The pain is so intense he cannot sleep.  He has been to his doctor who has put him on strong anti-inflammatories and advised bed rest.

Patrick has a high stress job and has many people depending on his skill set.  He was working out in the gym four times a week and has always had a highly active lifestyle.  But now he is exhausted, in pain, and incredibly stressed at not being able to perform at his job.  In addition, Patrick is now feeling depressed, overwhelmed, and at the end of his tether.

His pain level is at a 10.  He’s attended so many practitioners over the years that he’s confused by all the different treatments he’s gone through.  Patrick is still in pain and feels like he has run out of options.

Here’s how we helped Patrick:

  1. We took a medical history and got a copy of his MRI reports and X-rays.
  2. As his MRI’s were old, we advised to have new MRI’s and reports sent over.
  3. New MRI’s showed 2 further bulging discs.
  4. We conducted comprehensive testing of supporting muscles. This showed that firing sequences were not operating correctly through the supporting muscles. Some muscles were not firing at all, as they are so deeply in spasm.
  5. We worked with Patrick twice a week via Zoom for 6 weeks
  6. Just four weeks in, Patrick is sleeping better and his pain has reduced to a 3.
  7. With the Pain now at a more manageable level, we do a lifestyle analysis to examine better ways to cope with stress. We refer Patrick on to a Therapist to help cope with lifestyle strain and family difficulties.
  8. We reduce his sessions with us to one a week while he is in therapy.
  9. We evaluate his working environment and organise orthopaedic supports to reduce flare ups.
  10. Patrick is working through an individual Pain Management tool kit designed specifically for him and is back in the gym once a week. He has a better work/life balance and is managing his family situation better. He has been given a list of “his triggers” for physical pain flare-ups. He is aware of the underlying emotional issues that may also trigger a physical pain flare-up. Patrick feels he is back in the driving seat of his wellness both physically and emotionally. He has committed to the hard work that comes along with that. And he has the support that he now needs, moving forward.

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