The Fear Spiral

When we are in fear we go into a downward spiral before “hitting rock bottom.” When we regain control, we go back into an expansive spiral bringing us upwards again.

Take a look at this image of a pappus spiral – which is used in mathematics. I am using it here to explain the Fear Spiral. When things in our life are going well, we are in an expansive positive mode. Life is good, we are feeling good, and we are at peace.

When something knocks that feeling off-balance, it can send us on a downward spiral. Anything can knock us into that fear spiral. But what I want to focus on here is the connection between the Fear Spiral and Physical Pain.

The Fear Spiral & Physical Pain

When we get injured or have a physical trauma, the body sends different chemicals into the area to cope with the trauma. Some of these chemicals may aim to protect the site of the injury. Some may help you cope with the trauma – “the fight or flight response.”

In physical trauma and emotional trauma, your body can flood with high levels of Adrenaline and Hydrocortisol. This in turn can send your body into a fight or flight response. If you experience physical pain for a long time, your body becomes flooded with chemicals. This can trigger the Fear Spiral.

This then affects your mood, how you deal with your pain, and your whole outlook on life. As a result, it’s common for long-term chronic pain sufferers to be on medication for both pain and depression. This includes those who have no history of depression before. So, they are now firmly in the Fear Spiral.

This is where our service has been a lifeline to so many people who have suffered from long-term chronic pain. Over time, they find it difficult to have faith in any form of treatment.

When you have been to many different medical practitioners and still have unresolved pain, it can shatter your trust. Many times, we have to start with this: the trust issue borne out of the Fear Spiral. The fear they face is that ‘I am never going to resolve this issue and this is as good as it gets’.

The Control/Responsibility Spiral

When we take responsibility for our Pain then we are back in the driver’s seat of our wellbeing. You may have been in pain for a long time or have pain that goes away and comes back again. So, you feel that you have no control, and it seems like a never-ending cycle.

We can help you regain control of your Pain. In a 1-2-1 consultation, we will assess where you currently are. Then we work at getting the issues behind your pain under control, one at a time. As we get your pain under control, we then look at triggers which drive you back into the pain pattern.

This may encompass looking at your lifestyle, life choices, diet, mental wellness, and home environment. We provide a safe and confidential space for you to examine areas of your life that may trigger pain patterns. And we give you a personally designed toolkit to help manage these areas.