Diet & Lifestyle


Diet and Lifestyle play an intrinsic part in Physical Pain.

If your diet is full of inflammatory foods or drinks then it can really flare up a physical pain issue.

Similarly, our lifestyle choices can also inflame a physical or mental pain problem.

In fact, they can turn a small fire into a raging inferno of pain in different areas of the body. 

Life goes on regardless but how much longer can you keep going? How much longer can your body keep crashing before you are consumed with exhaustion and pain.  The pain may have started in one site but may now have moved throughout the body.  What started as neck pain may now affect your gut, immune system, mental health, hormones, or be causing chronic fatigue.  You need a roadmap to put out each fire and get back to being better than you were before. You need to restore the life that you deserve. And you need to be there not only for yourself, but your family your friends and loved ones. 

Put simply, you need to refresh and transform your life. But in order to take this journey, you will also need to let go of some of the old ways and learn some new ways.  Sometimes when we are in pain and exhaustion we feel as if we have failed ourselves and our family. We feel guilt and shame that we are not performing at our highest level. 

But it is not a failure. It’s an opportunity – with support – to learn what your body needs to improve your quality of life.  Yes, it will involve change.  When we change the oil in our car it refreshes the whole system.  You will change the way your body metabolises fuel and cut out the old fuel that is inflaming your body. This will improve your moods, your energy levels and your pain levels. 

You just need the support to make these changes. We will hold your hand every step of the way to help you back to optimum health.  You may come in to us with a pain issue, but we will help you reboot your whole system. 

This is an opportunity to learn how your unique system works and to learn more about your triggers or patterns.  One shoe doesn’t fit all so we may need to readjust your roadmap, as your system or patterns change. We will design a unique roadmap for your circumstances and provide a toolkit for managing your unique triggers and patterns.


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