Background & Training

About Áine Crossan

Aine Crossan, Pain Management Specialist

Aine Crossan has been working in the area of Pain Rehabilitation and Management for 18 years. After training as a Neuromuscular Therapist, she went on to open her own clinic in Dublin, Ireland in 2005.

She quickly realised that people needed support with their rehabilitation post-injury, and in the area of chronic pain.

So, she opened a Rehabilitative and Pilates studio where she developed an integrative approach to pain management. She developed holistic pain management plans for clients, and supported them on their recovery and rehabilitation journey.

These plans included hands on Physical and Dry Needling Therapy, Medical Massage Therapy and referral to different disciplines such as Doctors, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Mental Health and Wellness Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, acupuncturists.

This approach was the key to successful outcomes for her clients and her reputation grew as a result.

Celebrity Therapist

Aine garnered a following as a Celebrity Therapist working with actors, presenters, bands, musicians, T.V. personalities, professional sports players, performers, and dancers. She has worked with complex cases for clients, who could not find a solution to their pain with other specialists. She has worked with highly driven individuals in all fields. This has developed her unique understanding of the different areas that affect the journey of recovery from pain. She works with all types of pain: sports injuries, nerve pain, pain from accident trauma, hereditary pain, physical pain triggered by emotional trauma, stress, repetitive strain and burn-out pain.

Pain Triggers

As her Pain and Rehab clinic in Dublin grew, so too did Aine’s understanding of how important Pain Triggers are. These include but are not limited to biomechanical, physiological, genetic, hereditary, environmental, situational, ergonomic, nutritional and lifestyle triggers. She observed that these could all feed into or retrigger a pain episode or prevent a pain episode from resolving.

Over 18 years of observing the Pain Journey she has developed systems to support not just the recovery from pain but to prevent reoccurring pain. This took her on a course of study and conversations with many Doctors, Psychologists, Clients and others surrounding the question of pain; triggers, resolving, rehabilitating and releasing pain both physically, mentally and emotionally. The culmination of her work and study so far has helped thousands heal from their physical pain. It has also given them a better understanding of the underlying factors which caused their pain in the first place.

Personalised Approach to Pain Management

In a 1-2-1 Consultation with Áine, you can expect to gain an insight into how to resolve your pain. You will learn how to recognise patterns and behaviour that may make your pain worse or prevent it from healing. You will also hear how to manage a pain flare-up and how to stay pain free.

No two pains are the same. What may work for one body may not work for you. Each Pain Management Programme is given intense consideration. We will assess you from head to toe to see what may be contributing to your pain issues. For example, a client with Flat feet may not realise that lack of support on the arches can create a biomechanical strain that can contribute and exacerbate ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Aine takes the whole picture into account – not just the area of pain. Each Pain Management Programme is designed carefully and specifically to address each person’s unique factors.

This is a journey. A journey back to a pain free body.

A journey back to Health and Wellness.

You are in Safe hands. Welcome to the first step back to the best version of you.