Emotional Pain Chart


Emotional Pain Maps may vary slightly…. But they all focus around the idea that:

‘Emotional Blocks create Physical Blocks within the Body’.

Read through this Pain Chart and see if anything resonates with you about your Physical Pain. Do some research online to see what different authors say about how emotional pain blocks affect our physical health.

Some Physical Pain can be relieved without looking at emotional blocks. But it is generally helpful for everyone to have an awareness around how Emotional Blocks can contribute to Physical pain. With chronic and long-term pain patterns, it is necessary to evaluate emotional blocks for the full rehabilitation of the client. Often it is difficult for a client to get their head around the Emotional side of Physical Pain. Our mind resists the idea that we may contribute to our Physical Pain through thought processes – or lack of them.

The first step is having an awareness of how emotional pain may contribute to physical pain. The mind needs to process that idea and accept it. Then we can change those mind patterns that may cause blocks and prevent the physical body from healing fully.