5 Steps to Help with Pain and Reset the Brain

1. Identify where you are at

What are the factors that could be causing your pain?

Take a look through our checklist here:

  • Medical History – Bulging disc.
  • Genetics – Arthritis, high blood pressure.
  • Lifestyle – Smoking 3 cigarettes per day or more on social occasions.
  • Diet – don’t know but suffer from gas and bloating and stomach cramps. Drink coffee.
  • Biomechanics – have flat fee; Get sore knees on occasion.
  • Mental/Emotional Issues – Can’t eat when stressed.
  • Physical strength – Exercise 3 times a week but have weak upper body strength and back hurts more after walking.
  • Stressors – Have a high-powered job, a busy home life and overthink or worry a lot.

2. Identify what you can change straight away - Your Cup

What are the things that are in your ‘cup’ – the things CAN control

Genetics/Biomechanics/Bulging disc, flat feet – ensure good ergonomics at work, appropriate footwear, stop any impactive exercise. This includes e.g. jogging, circuits, swimming unless your form is perfect in the water.

Diet – Get tested for allergies and food intolerances. Cut out caffeine.

Mental/Emotional – Sign up to a mindfulness or meditation course or book therapy sessions to cope with and support periods of stress.

3. Leave aside that which you can’t control or change straight away- your saucer

What are the things in your ‘saucer’ – the things you CANNOT control

Smoking – Addiction to anything can be outside your control. You may need support both physically and mentally to change this action. You could cut down to 1 per day and look into getting support to quit. If you are not ready or don’t want to quit then set a date 6 months from now when you will look at this again. Identify why you smoke. I just ‘like’ to. What could you do to create that ‘like’ feeling?

Give yourself permission for whatever choice you make but choose a date when you will look at this again. Psychologically, this puts you back in the driver’s seat of control and will help to calm down an overthinking brain. Also identify how this could be hurting your body e.g. stomach cramps, acid reflux.

Apply the Cup and Saucer technique to all issues that need solving. The things that are in your cup are the things that you can control: your thoughts, feelings, actions and choices. The things outside your cup are the things you can’t or are not able to control. These include other people’s thoughts, actions, feelings, choices, and addictions.

4. Start gathering your TEAM together to support you

Many clients become frustrated when they are told they will “have to just deal with their pain”.

In reality, there are many factors to consider, which can help alleviate pain. If you are not happy with where you are at with your pain, then keep digging.

There is always a reason for pain. It is the body or mind’s way to say that it can’t handle the pain by itself any longer.

It is your body’s cry for help.

We are here to help you. You are not alone.

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